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Saffier Se37 Lounge awaiting her very first dip in the water

Saffier Se 37 Lounge

Exciting times ahead, launch day is tomorrow!  We will report back on how she sails just as soon as we have the…
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The all new Saffier Se3 Lounge ........................

is really coming along very quickly now. It won't be long before all the details and pricing of this great addition to…
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Saffier SC10 on her way to her new home

Do you want to sell your boat fast? Then call Imperial!

Not to blow our own trumpet (well, not too much anyway) if you have a boat that you want to get sold fast, call any one…
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Saffier Se33 and Imperial crew at Southampton Boat Show 2017

Saffier Yachts Video Magazine

This is the link through to the latest Video Magazine from Saffier Yachts. It show the update eon the progress of the…
South West
Birchwood 350

Birchwood 350 Arrives In Torquay And Is FOR SALE

MT Pockets, a Birchwood 350 has just arrived in Torquay after a sedate few years on the Thames. The fast Sports Cruiser…
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Saffier Se33 UD makes its debut in New York on the Hudson River

New York is the better for having a Saffier Se 33 there!

Yet another really good video from Saffier Yachts - see Dennis on delivery of a Saffier Se33 UD in New York - try and…
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Imperial International Yacht Brokers

Poole Office - Testimonial

We receive many Testimonials from clients but I thought it worthy of showing this one to anyone thinking of using our…
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Saffier Yachts Online Magazine - 2nd Edition

The second edition of the Saffieryachts magazine can be seen here…