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Fabulous Saffier Se 33

Saffier deliveries in recent days

Saffier have just posted this on their Facebook page - they seem justifiably proud of the Teams efforts! Great…
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Steeler 59 S At sea

Steeler 59S uses just 2.66 litres per mile!

Rotterdam – Gibraltar … on one fuel tank ? Yes, Steeler S-design can ! The yards claim that the patented S-design is…
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IMPORTANT - To all Boat Owners and Brokers

We need your help. The MCA now seeks feedback from the industry on the work it has done to address a gap in the rules…
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Guy Armitt - Imperial International Yacht Brokers - Branch Director London Office

Imperial London opens for business

IMPERIAL OPEN NEW OFFICE IN LONDON Imperial International Yacht Brokers are delighted to announce the appointment of…
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Saffier 37 SE Lounge

European Yacht of the Year 2019 - Saffier 37 SE Lounge

After the brilliant test report on the new Saffier 37 Lounge in Yachting World comes news that the Saffier Se 37 Lounge…
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May Lillian at Dartmouth - Steeler 57S

Things to see in Dartmouth

Yesterday Hans Webbink from Steeler Yachts and I visited Ian, the owner of May Lillian, who is currently moored in the…
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Saffier Se 37 Lounge at sea

Saffier Se 37 enters harbour....

....under sail and at a fair speed. The handling of this great yacht is so sharp and precise.…
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Saffier Se 37 Lounge

Saffier Se 37 under sail

Click on the link here to see a short You Tube video of the all new Saffier Se37 Lounge under sail. The Se37 Lounge is…