New Boats

Renowned as the UK experts on Dutch built Motor and Sailing Yachts, Imperial bring our clients the very best boats the Dutch Marine industry has to offer. 

Steeler Yachts

Freedom on the water is the final piece of a relaxed lifestyle. We realise that a motor yacht of superior quality is not one of the necessities of life, but should a bespoke motor yacht be on your wish list, together we will build the boat you always desired. We specialise in building single or twin engined craft from 40 feet to over 120 feet and with ever increasing demand from our growing client base for more varied design and capabilities Steeler is a brand that never stands still, or becomes complacent. A Steeler Yacht can be built in Steel or Aluminium for greater speed capability, call or mail us to find out more or see the following Steeler page.

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Saffier Yachts

Saffier are renowned for building just the sort of boats sailors have been looking for. All Saffier Yachts are designed and built by people who know exactly what they’re doing and with a huge sailing pedigree. Depending on the model chosen, a Saffier Yacht is perfect for daysailing, weekending or coastal cruising. Every model has been designed to sail well and to look truly exceptional. A Saffier Yacht can be moulded in the hull colour of your choice and certain further customisation is also available. Call or mail us to find out more or see the following Saffier page.

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