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A selection of Steeler Yachts

Steeler Owners Weekend

Steeler Yacht shad their annual Owners Weekend over the Bank Holiday.  There are some super photos off wit which can be…
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Steeler 57S in the UK

Steeler 57S arrives at her new home in UK

I had the pleasure of bringing the latest Steeler 57S to her new home in Portsmouth over the weekend. We had the most…
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May Lillian underway in Holland

Steeler 57S - in Geithorn Holland

This week I was in Holland on a pre delivery check of an owners new Steeler 57S, she looks stunning and is so quiet…
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Johnson 70 interior

Johnson 70 Motor Yacht

Take a quick look at the all new Johnson 70 Motoryachts shown here at the Taiwan Boat Show. Call us of full details…
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Steeler 57S motor yacht in North Sea

New Steeler 57S on sea trials in the North Sea

This lovely 57S is soon to be seen cruising the South Coast of England. Her new owner will take delivery in April and …
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An teaser for the new Atlantic 42 2018 version.

Broom to stop building boats BUT.....

Sad news for a well respected brand.  BROOM BOATS TO STOP BOAT PRODUCTION. Broom Boats plans to stop building boats…
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Steeler S57

Steeler S57 launched today

We are delighted to have uploaded a video which shows the launch of 2 new Steelers today. This can be seen by…
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Sell your boat with Imperial

A Seal of approval?

We had the amazing video sent to us and thought it was so good we had to share it. This is one of the things Boat…