Saffier deliveries in recent days

Fabulous Saffier Se 33

Saffier have just posted this on their Facebook page - they seem justifiably proud of the Teams efforts!

Great deliveries the past few weeks! Great to hear all the positive from our customers!
Spain; 2 Saffier Se 33 to Denia and Ribadelsella, 
France; 1 Saffier Se 33 To Mandelieu ( Cannes)
Hungary; 1 Saffier Se 26 to lake Balaton
United Kingdom; 1 Saffier Se 33 To Lymington
Switzerland; 1 Saffier Se 33 to lake Zug.

All in all we have delivered 56 New Saffiers this year all of them perfectly on time or even a bit earlier. Very proud of all our super dedicated craftsman who do their best to make the best possible, what a team!