Saffier Se 27 - European Yacht of the Year 2021

European Yacht of the Year 2021

Special Yachts

Nominees: Mojito 650 (no show), Saffier SE 27, Tofinou 9.7

This category ended up being a head-to-head of two very attractive and refined daysailers which are a joy to sail. The Tofinou 9.7 may get the edge on the looks and the judges liked the tiller steering it offers, but the Saffier offers a more thrilling performance edge in a package that’s easier for one person to manage and with more space for a relaxing crew – and, significantly, it’s over €50k cheaper.

Saffier has featured a lot in European Yacht of the Year competitions since it was first nominated and awarded 12 years ago. But this is arguably its finest and most evolved offering yet.  Here is proof that looks, ergonomics and performance can all coexist harmoniously.

European Yacht of the Year

The sporty shape and light weight of the SE 27 could be behind its appeal – build slots are selling fast - but these combine with the boat’s ease of use. The Saffier is configured to be efficiently sailed single-handedly or crewed, yet the cockpit still leaves a large separate lounging space.

The result on the water is telling. “During our sea trials, this new Saffier not only showed its abilities to speed away even in the lightest of puffs, but also took on the challenges of heavier weather with excellence,” said Swedish judge Joakim.

Price: Starts at €77,500 ex VAT.