Update on the Saffier Se 27 Leisure

Se 27 stern on

In these crazy times we are pleased to bring you some positive news. Over the last weeks we have done an enormous amount of testing with the all new Saffier Se 27 Leisure and we are absolutely delighted with the results.

Unfortunately the Hiswa Amsterdam Boatshow - where we were exhibiting the Saffier Se 27 Leisure - was stopped due to the Coronavirus after 2 days. As soon as we got her back from the show we started rigging the newest model in our range. Everything like the keel, rudder and the complete rigging fitted perfectly. In only a few days the Saffier Se 27 Leisure touched the water for the first time in IJmuiden, Holland.

During the following days we were treated with all kinds of weather conditions.
On the second day mother nature gave the Saffier Se 27 Leisure a stunning 24 to 28 knots of wind and a clear blue sunny sky. The youngest Saffier felt stable and quick in the upwind.
She was surfing downwind, felt rock solid and super easy to handle with just a few people on board. Average speed downwind: 13 knots. Top speed downwind: 20.4 knots.

With less wind the Saffier Se 27 Leisure stability and performance is better than we could have imagined.
A powerful rig and sleek hull lines provide more then enough power to accelerate with just the slightest puff of wind.
The Se 27 Leisure is as easy to handle as all the other Saffier Yachts with all the control lines, sheets and halyards right at the helmsman’s position.

From our point of view this is the best Saffier we have ever made.

If you would like mor information on or may can appointment to test the Saffier Se 27 Leisure please send us an email to sales@saffieryachts.co.uk, we will be happy to answer all your questions.
Watch the video here -