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European Yacht of the Year 2021

Saffier Se 27 - European Yacht of the Year 2021

Special Yachts Nominees: Mojito 650 (no show), Saffier SE 27, Tofinou 9.7 This category ended up being a head-to-head…
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Happy Christmas

Christmas 2020

I suspect that this may be seen as an understatement but I have to say it anyway - 2020 has certainly been a very…
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Let's go to Holland!

With the easing of lockdown and the various travel restrictions we are delighted to be able to confirm that we can now…
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Steeler 59S

We can all go boating again!

DEFRA has finally clarified some of the concerns about whether recreational boating was classed as permissible. In an…
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Se 33 Saffier Daysailer

Extract from an article in Yachting World June 2020

Saffier Yachts is the greatest challenger in the daysailing world. The ljmuiden yard now has eight designs between 21ft…
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Se 27 stern on

Update on the Saffier Se 27 Leisure

In these crazy times we are pleased to bring you some positive news. Over the last weeks we have done an enormous…
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Bronson 50 from Steeler Yachts

The second Bronson 50 ‘Celebrate Life’ leaving the paintshop in magnificent Blue Steel Metallic. Ready for technical…
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Se 27 at speed

Rough weather - no problem. SUPERB FOOTAGE!

If the wind is up it must be time to take the Saffier out for some real fun. Sea trails with the all-new Saffier Se 27…