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Saffier - SE 24 Lite

79,000 EUR
7.1 meter
Tax Status
Not Paid


This listing is for a New Build Contract for delivery of a new Saffier SE 24 Lite at the first available build slot. The price shown is the starting price of the model. 

Imagine a sailing yacht which is in harmony with the environment of today. She is powered by an electric propulsion system which is charged 24/7 by the integrated solar panels.

A sailing yacht which can be rigged up or down in the blink of an eye, easily transportable and can be launched off a trailer or hoisted out of the water by a single hoist lifting point.

And last but not least, the ultimate sailing experience, single handed, with family or racing at full speed. Meet the new Saffier Se 24 Lite, call or mail us for full details and an appointment to view and test sail the SAffier Se2 4 Lite.


  • Main Sail Area
  • Head Sail Area


Title Saffier : 8623790
Boat Name
Location Ijmuiden
Yacht Type Sail
Boat Length Measure Nominal 7.1 meter
Length Measure Overall 7.1
Beam Measure 2.4 meter
Dry Weight Measure
Water Tank Capacity Measure
Hull Material Fiberglass
Maximum Speed
Fuel Type Electric
Total Engine Power Quantity 3.5 kw
Number of Berths 2
Number of Cabins
Maximum Passengers

Additional Information

Design and Key Features


With the integrated solar panels the Saffier Se 24 Lite is truly self-supporting.

The custom made solar panels are integrated to be at one with the design of the boat, creating a clean deck layout and generating enough power to constantly charge the Torqeedo 3.5 kW battery for electric propulsion anytime, anywhere.

Instruments and lights can be taken off the boat and recharged in your car, back home or with a power bank.


Ultimate speed, high performance and striking looks is what the new Saffier Se 24 Lite shows at first sight.

Sailing in full control, singlehanded with all sheets closeat hand and double digits on your rechargeable display.

To achieve high speeds she has a modern hull shape with a good form stability. This is achieved by a flat underwater section in the hull and a 2.40 m beam.

A light weight boat is key for performance. Aside from building the hull and deck in sandwich and vacuumed she is equipped with a 3.0 kW Torqeedo engine with a lithium battery and a folding propeller. The complete electric propulsion is 70% lighter than a comparable diesel engine.

The solid lead keel provides a high righting moment and combining this with a powerful rig the Saffier Se 24 lite is able to surf and stay in full plane downwind, while pointing high and sailing fast upwind.


As with any Saffier, the Se 24 Lite is super easy to sail all by yourself. Easy handling, all lines close at hand and being able to trim everything at all times without leaving the helmsman position is critical to enjoy easy and safe sailing.

A self-tacking jib makes tacking or gybing easy to perform by one person. A well arranged, ergonomic, sheltered and self draining cockpit is another key factor on the sailing qualities and comfort to have a great day on the water.


A closer look reveals her family heritage and character: a large uncluttered cockpit for 6 persons with sundeck, easy acces to the water, a high righting moment and a reliable electric propulsion for safely entering the harbour all comes hand in hand when sailing with family or friends.

Safety is the most important aspect with loved ones and this is exactly what the Saffier Se 24 Lite provides.


The Saffier Se 24 Lite comes with a custom designed Cobra tiller which gives you that perfect direct feel of sailing this very well balanced yacht.


Although a true daysailer, below decks she has 2 berthing places and enough space for your complete wardrobe.


Saffier Yachts will always use A-brands as a standard.
Whether it is Harken, Elvstrøm sails or deep down in the veins where we use only the best fibreglass with ISO norm, any Saffier is built with the best technology and materials available in the market.


Michael Miller

Imperial - Head Office

+44 (0)1202 826800

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