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Saffier - SC 8M Cabin

92,500 EUR
26 feet

This listing is for a New Build Contract for delivery of a new Saffier at the first available build slot. The price shown is the starting price of the model.

The Saffier Sc 8m Cabin offers a variety of opportunities. Unlimited sailing areas, lake, river or sea. A large ergonomic cockpit and interior fit for 4 adults. All this with the well-known sailing qualities of the Saffier yachts brand and build with the latest technologies.

The Sc 8m Cabin is designed for people who like sailing. Close to the water instead of high on top, the feeling that you are one with the elements. Ex open dinghy sailors who want to keep just that feeling but with the comfort of a toilet and cooking facilities, a seaworthy cockpit, lots of space inside and a Yanmar diesel engine will certainly appreciate this design. Call for more information or demonstration.


Title Saffier : 5963679
Boat Name
Location Ijmuiden
Yacht Type Sail
Boat Length Measure Nominal 26 feet
Length Measure Overall 26
Beam Measure 8 feet
Dry Weight Measure
Water Tank Capacity Measure
Hull Material Fiberglass
Maximum Speed
Fuel Type
Total Engine Power Quantity
Number of Berths
Number of Cabins
Maximum Passengers

Additional Information

Fibreglass polyester 7mm in thickness and from stern to bow over the keel line 15 mm thickness. Fibreglass around the keel section reinforced with roving to 22 mm thickness. 4 ribs laminated in keel section to transfer forces of keel loads. Water and cove lines laminated in gelcoat.
Deck and Cabin
Built up according to the sandwich principle, anti-slip structure in gelcoat laminated into deck and cockpit floor. Deck is finished with toe rails with water drainage outlets. An anchor well is incorporated in the front deck. On the front deck there is an aluminum hatch, which serves as ventilating passage, escape hatch and dome light. A rail for the selftacking jib has been incorporated in the cabin. The aft deck has a hatch providing access to storage area. The cabin has been fitted with a single-action polyester sliding hatch. On both sides of the cabin, Plexiglas windows have been fitted. Two handrails have been fixed on top of the cabin.
Large cockpit with enough space for 6 persons. All sheets, halyards and reefing can be controlled by the helmsmen. Cockpit is selfdraining and has antislip on the floor. The seating has a high coaming in the back and has been ergonomically designed for maximum sit comfort. A removable table* can be fitted in the cockpit.
In the front a V berth of 2m length. On port and starboard side 2 shelves. Underneath the V-berth is storage space. Room has been reserved for a toilet under the V-berth. In the salon on port and starboard side a seat/ sleep bench of 2.00 m. with storage space underneath. On starboard side there is cooking facilities and a water basin with running water (32 ltr). On port side there is a Locker. A fridge* can be installed. Color of the upholstery to your liking. There are enough spots and lamps throughout the inside of the boat.
Solid lead installed with 4 x 22 mm nuts and bolts. Total draft 1.03 m or the race keel of 1.30 m draft.
A balanced rudder with tiller and tiller extension.
Yanmar 2YM15,2 cilinder 14 hp saildrive with dashboard complete with time and rotation counter and alarms • Maintenance free engine battery 12V 55AH. • Ships battery* 75 12V- 75 AH 32 l. • Stainless steel diesel fuel tank.
Navigation lights
At the bow a port and starboard light, a stern light, a top light (3 colors) and a engine light.
Technical equipment
All valves, skin lead-troughs and ventilators are made of brass. All tubes and wiring have been tested according to the ISO and CE norms.
Mast, spreaders and boom are made of aluminum type Selden. The fittings and rigging are made of high quality stainless steel. Boom has been fitted with two reefs (which are passed through into the boom) and a kicking strap. Reefs and kicking strap are led to the cockpit. Mast is fixed on the cabin and can be lowered with accessories (not standard). All halyards run through the mast. Main rigging, lower rigging, front and rear stays are made of stainless steel wire with rigging tensioners.
Made from high quality dacron that has been through a stiffening process to make the sails keep their shape and hardwearing. Mainsail comes standard with 2 reefs. Accessoiries
Hand-held bilge-pump, 4 fenders, 4 mooring lines.

* Optional


Michael Miller

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+44 (0)7808 473466

Regarding: Saffier - SC 8M Cabin

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